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Embedded Product Development

       We develop innovative embedded products involving software, firmware, management interface interaction and solving specific day-to-day human life problems and needs using latest cutting edge technologies across multiple domains.
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Internships and Workshops

       We conduct internships and workshops to provide real life experience and work exposure for engineering graduates and gain first-hand exposure of working in the real field using our own company product development, test and automation.
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Job Oriented Industrial Training

       If you are a final year engineering student or graduated in engineering, want to develop skills on embedded C, product development or testing and automation, gain practical real time experience and grow your career then Mbed Technologies is the right place for you. You will be developing your embedded industry skills through our ongoing real product development and create your best opportunity to get hired.
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Engineering Academic Projects

       We provide solution for academic projects for final year engineering students. The projects are as per the student interests and can be a firmware or software based project involving programming or an electronic project without programming involved in it.
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Programming Blogs, Quizzes, Answers

       We periodically publish C, Python programming blogs, quizzes and answers. Each blog is written with specific focus, interest, to experiment and dip into different important features of embedded C and Python programming. We encourage readers to take benefit of this excellent inhouse learning opportunity.
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Jobs, Online Tests and Placement

       Employers post embedded jobs in our website. We conduct online and offline tests at regular intervals and publish test results in our website to invite companies to view and hire the appropriate candidates. We guide students to take benefit of these excellent inhouse placement opportunity.
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Our Vision

"To develop innovative embedded products in multiple domains and technologies, provide a center of technical execellence for engineering graduates and professionals across the globe on the field of embedded development, testing and automation."

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