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 International students will be given timeslot for C programming features online live demonstrations through embedded applications as per their preferred timezone.

    C is just a step up from assembly language, which is practically a hexadecimal human translation of machine code and considered the lowest level programming language. Hence programming, debugging and maintaining C code when applied to embedded software/firmware applications can be a nightmare if not practiced properly. Following industry standard programming exercises, solutions, live embedded feature demonstrations using software and firmware development boards will give you the real development experience for your competitive exams, interviews and career.

To whom this webpage is useful?
  You are novice to the programming world and eager to learn how a C program is useful for embedded applications.
  You are pursuing an academic course and having a c programming assignment.
  You are college fresher and looking do develop your C programming skills for job interviews/written tests.
  you are an experienced professional looking to freshen up your C programming skills.
  You are a hobbyist trying to learn all emerging C programming real embedded applications.

This Page Offerings.
  C Programming multiple choice type questions and answers.
  C Programming long type questions and answers.
  Chapter wise C Programming feature live demonstrations using software/firmware development boards.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.
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  Q: What is a C Firmware Application feature demo.
  A: It is a online over internet live demonstration of C programming features as applied to real embedded system applications.
  Q: Can i program the microcontrollers used in the demo session development board?
  A: Yes You will be given access to the Software/Firmware development boards and program the microcontroller used in demo session remotely.
  Q: Can i arrange a demo session for me only for better feature understanding?
  A: Yes we support both 1:1 and 1:many demo sessions as required.

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  •   Declaring, Initializing Variables, Constants, Enumerations.
  •   Performing operations with variables.
  •   Variable Scope, Local vs Global.
  •   Functions declaration, definition and call.
  •   Void function and Recursive function.
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  •   All about computer memory, RAM, ROM.
  •   Operators in C Programming.
  •   Storage Classes.
  •   If, if else, for, while, do while loops.
  •   break, continue, go to statements.
  •   Switch case statements.
  •   Type Casting operations.
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  •   Pointer Definition, declaration, initialization.
  •   Pointer Arithmetics.
  •   Arrays Basics.
  •   Pointer to integer, character, arrays.
  •   Arrays and Applications.
  •   Multidimensional Arrays.
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  •   Strings Basics.
  •   Pointer to string.
  •   Arrays of strings.
  •   Strings Applications.
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  •   Complex Pointers Types and Applications.
  •   Double Pointer, Pointer to function.
  •   void pointer, NULL Pointer.
  •   State Machine Implementation.
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  •   Structure declaration, initialization.
  •   Pointer to structures.
  •   Arrays of structures.
  •   Union declaration, initialization.
  •   Typedef and sizeof operator.
  •   Bit fiddling and applications.
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    Multiple Choice, Debugging, Defect Fixing Exercises on Important C Programming Features

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    No Difficulty Level Question
    [1] Medium What is the warning in the following program?
    int main (void)
    int value = (int)"\n";
    return 0;
    [2] High What would be the output of following program?
    #include <stdio.h>
    int SumDigit(int );
    void main()
    int a,b;a = SumDigit(123);b = SumDigit(123);printf("%d,%d",a,b);
    int SumDigit(int n)
    static int s = 0;
    int d;
    if(n != 0)
    d = n%10;n = (n-d)/10;s = s + d;SumDigit(n);
    return s;
    a. 12,12
    b. 6,6
    c. 6,12
    d. None
    [3] Medium What is the warning in the following program?
    int main()
    int result;
    result = Add(12,13);
    printf("The number is:%d",result);
    return 0;
    int Add(int a,int b)
    return a+b;
    [4] Medium What will be the output of the following program if first character w of two dimensional array arr starts at memory location 2000?
    int main(){
    char arr[5][10] = {
    printf("%s and %u",arr[2],&arr[2][2]);
    a. blue and 2002
    b. red and 2012
    c. green and 2012
    d. yellow and 2052
    [5] Medium What would be output of the following program?
    #include <stdio.h>
    void fun(int **p);
    void main(){
    int a[3][4] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 8, 7, 8, 9, 0};
    int *ptr;
    ptr = &a[2][1];
    void fun(int **p)
    printf("%d\n", **p);
    a. 10
    b. 9
    c. 8
    d. 7

    Long Question Type Exercises on Important C Programming Features

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    No Difficulty Level Question
    [1] Low Write a c program function to calculate the factorial of a given number.
    [2] Medium Write a C Program to create a triangle of letter A.
    [3] Medium Write a C program to set the nth bit of a number.
    [4] Medium Write a program to find the sign of a given integer.
    [5] High Write a c program function to take hex number as input and return hex number in reverse order. For example 0xA09B should be returned as 0xB90A.