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Communication Systems Demo.
  •   Understanding embedded application in fiber-optic communication systems.
  •   End-to-end data flow of user data in the optical communication system.
  •   Role of Optical systems components such as lasers, Modulators, Demodulators, multiplexers/de-multiplexers.
  •   How to remotely control and monitor an optical link from anywhere in the globe.
  •   Impact of optical communication link design parameters such as dispersion, extinction ratio, receiver sensitivity, laser line-width.
  •   Testing and automation procedure in optical communication system.
  •   Interact between application software, firmware and management interfaces an embedded product.
  • Embedded Skill Development.
  •   C/Embedded C Programming.
  •   C++ Programming.
  •   Python Programming.
  •   Application Software Development.
  •   Linux Command Line Interface.
  •   Linux Programming.
  •   Linux Shell Scripting.
  •   System/Firmware Development.
  •   Electronic Peripherals Interfacing with Microcontrollers using UART, I2C, SPI Protocols.
  •   Timers, Interrupts, PWM, ADC/DAC Implementation.
  •   Internet-Of-Things(IoT) Development.
  •   Embedded Manual Testing.
  •   Embedded Automation Testing.
  •   Client Server Programming Development.
  •   JAVA Graphical User Interface(GUI) Development.