About ETK01001 Product.
    Embedded Trainer Kit(Product ID: ETK01001) is a Do-It-Yourself(DIY) type development board, specifically designed and developed for helping engineering students and professionals in developing their embedded skills at an affordable cost. The ETK01001 product has been approved and recommended by embedded developers and professionals from many multi-national companies accross the globe.
    You can use this product for learning and developing C/C++/Python/JAVA programming skills, Linux application software development, Internet-Of-Things(IoT) development, System software/firmware development, Graphical user interface development, embedded manual and automation testing. Follow the instructions and guidance provided in the product user guide to develop your required skills. At the same time you will be able to learn how your source code can be used in a complete embedded product environment for different purposes.
Product Package Includes.
  •   Application Software Development Board.
  •   Firmware Development Board.
  •   Ethernet Cable.
  •   Power Adapter for Application Software Development Board.
  •   Power Adapter for Firmware Development Board.
  •   Programmer for Firmware Development Board.
  • Product Offerings.

  •   C/Embedded C Programming.
  •   C++ Programming.
  •   Python Programming.
  •   Application Software Development.
  •   Linux Command Line Interface.
  •   Linux Programming.
  •   Linux Shell Scripting.
  •   System/Firmware Development.
  •   Electronic Peripherals Interfacing with Microcontrollers using UART, I2C, SPI Protocols.
  •   Timers, Interrupts, PWM, ADC/DAC Implementation.
  •   Internet-Of-Things(IoT) Development.
  •   Embedded Manual Testing.
  •   Embedded Automation Testing.
  •   Client Server Programming Development.
  •   JAVA Graphical User Interface(GUI) Development.
  • Product Part No: ETK01001

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