Embedded Skill Development using ETK Product
  •   Develop your embedded software skills using cost effective Embedded Trainer Kit product.
  •   Develop embedded software skills with ETK by reading product user guide, follow execution steps and get practical experience.
  •   You always have the hardware with you to develop new programs and test it to refresh your embedded software skills.
  •   Technical support is available to answer your queries from any where over phone, Whatsapp and online over Skype.
  •   Learn programming using ETK as a complete embedded product involving Linux Application software, System software/firmware with both CLI and GUI interface.
  • VS
    Embedded Skill Development by Training Institute
  •   Students/Colleges/Employees/Corporates need to spend so much for embedded skill development Training.
  •   Students are trained in groups and hardly get a chance to touch real hardware and get practical experience.
  •   Post completion of training there is no support to remain in touch and refresh the skills learned during training.
  •   After training completion there is no support from the training institute for asking doubts.
  •   Learn programming without knowing where the program actually fits in a real complete embedded product.

  • Product Package Includes
  •   Linux Application Software Development Board.
  •   Firmware Development Board.
  •   Ethernet Cable.
  •   Power Adapter for Linux Application Software Development Board.
  •   Power Adapter for Firmware Development Board.
  •   Programmer for Firmware Development Board.
  •   RS232 to USB Converter cable.
  • Product Offerings.

  •   C/Embedded C Programming.
  •   C++ Programming.
  •   Python Programming.
  •   Application Software Development.
  •   Linux Command Line Interface.
  •   Linux Programming.
  •   Linux Shell Scripting.
  •   System/Firmware Development.
  •   Electronic Peripherals Interfacing with Microcontrollers using UART, I2C, SPI Protocols.
  •   Timers, Interrupts, PWM, ADC/DAC Implementation.
  •   Internet-Of-Things(IoT) Development.
  •   Embedded Manual Testing.
  •   Embedded Automation Testing.
  •   Client Server Programming Development.
  •   JAVA Graphical User Interface(GUI) Development.
  • Product Part No: ETK01001

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    Product Pricing(INR) Rs. 12,645/- INR
    Product Pricing(USD) $ 208 USD