About EFC01001 Product.
    Engineering students during 4year graduation course find it difficult to visualize and understand how really an optical communication link works, how to remotely monitor, control the light wave with different optical parameters, role of application software and system software/firmware to manage the optical communication link.
    EFC01001 product is meant for engineering colleges or research institutions to inhouse in their laboratories to educate students the huge range of capabilities of communication systems. This product will also provide students a real time exposure to embedded systems and latest cutting edge technology using real time operating system(RTOS) and ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller.
    You can use this product for learning and developing C/C++/Python/JAVA programming skills, Linux application software development, Internet-Of-Things(IoT) development, System software/firmware development, Graphical user interface development, embedded manual and automation testing. Follow the instructions and guidance provided in the product user guide to develop your required skills. At the same time you will be able to learn how your source code can be used in a complete embedded product environment for different purposes.
Fiber-Optic Communication Demo.
  •   Understanding embedded application in fiber-optic communication systems.
  •   End-to-end data flow of user data in the optical communication system.
  •   Role of Optical systems components such as lasers, Modulators, Demodulators, multiplexers/de-multiplexers.
  •   How to remotely control and monitor an optical link from anywhere in the globe.
  •   Impact of optical communication link design parameters such as dispersion, extinction ratio, receiver sensitivity, laser line-width.
  •   Testing and automation procedure in optical communication system.
  •   Interact between application software, firmware and management interfaces an embedded product.
  • Embedded Skill Development.
  •   C/Embedded C Programming.
  •   C++ Programming.
  •   Python Programming.
  •   Application Software Development.
  •   Linux Command Line Interface.
  •   Linux Programming.
  •   Linux Shell Scripting.
  •   System/Firmware Development.
  •   Electronic Peripherals Interfacing with Microcontrollers using UART, I2C, SPI Protocols.
  •   Timers, Interrupts, PWM, ADC/DAC Implementation.
  •   Internet-Of-Things(IoT) Development.
  •   Embedded Manual Testing.
  •   Embedded Automation Testing.
  •   Client Server Programming Development.
  •   JAVA Graphical User Interface(GUI) Development.