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    Welcome Mbed Quizes!!We update the quizes and answers on daily basis for our customers. Visit daily and practice the quizes. C is just a step up from assembly language, which is practically a hexadecimal human translation of machine code and considered the lowest level programming language. Hence programming, debugging and maintaining C code can be a nightmare for beginners if not practiced properly. Following industry standard practice exercises will give you the best preparation for your competitive exams and interviews.

    If you are an experienced professional looking to freshen up your C programming skills you will find these exercises interesting and useful.

Multiple Choice Type Quizes on Important C Programming Features

Long Question Type Quizes on Important C Programming Features

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No Difficulty Level Question
[1] High Write a program to accept a number as integer and display it in binary number.
[2] Medium Write a program to return the character written two times in the string passed to it.
[3] Medium Write a c program to find the maximum of three given integers.
[4] Medium Write a C program function to take a character array in array format and return the last character of the array passed to it.
[5] Medium Write a C program to create a triangle of letter A.