Online course: C Programming and applications

Course Name: C Programming and applications
Course Code: CS000010
Course Description: Learn, test your C programming skills and earn certificate for software jobs
Course Duration: 60 days
Course Eligibility: For whom this course is useful?
A. Engineering students, post-graduates
B. Job seekers, Software professionals
C. Embedded Hobbyists, Freelancers, Developers
D. Any one interested in learning C programming language
Course Price: FREE Course, Login to start course
Availability: Active
Course Job Options:

Popular job options post completion of this course:

A. C Programmer
B. C software programmer
C. Embedded software engineer C
D. Embedded software developer
E. C Application analyst
F. Embedded developer
G. C Applications Developer
Skills for your CV:

Key skills you will learn from this course:

A. Writing modular programs, Functions
B. Variables, Datatypes, Operators
C. Flow control, Loops
D. Arrays, Strings, Advanced Pointers
E. Structures, Unions, Enums
F. Linked lists, Data structures
G. Writing Makefiles, building projects
Course Completion Requirements:

Complete following C programming online tests: