Online course: Firmware Development

Course Name: Firmware Development
Course Code: CS000016
Course Duration: 90 days
Course Eligibility: Students or software professionals with following background are eligible to do this course
A. Electrical engineering
B. Computer science & engineering
C. Information technology
D. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
E. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
F. Electronics and Communication Engineering
G. Mechatronics Engineering
Payment Category: pay per course
Course Price: $48
Availability: Active
Course Job Options:

Popular job options post completion of this course:

Embedded systems developer
Software Engineer, Embedded systems
Embedded systems engineer
Firmware systems engineer
Embedded firmware engineer
Embedded software Engineer
Embedded developer
Skills for your CV:

Key skills you will learn from this course:

C Programming Applications
A. Writing modular programs, Functions
B. Variables, Datatypes, Operators
C. Flow control, Loops
D. Arrays, Strings, Advanced Pointers
E. Structures, Unions, Enums
F. Linked lists, Data structures
G. Writing Makefiles, building projects
Microcontrollers Programming
A. UART, I2C, SPI protocols
B. Timers, interrupts programming
C. Pulse width modulation implementation
D. Interfacing electronic peripherals
E. Sensors, ADC, DAC interfacing
Course Study Materials:

Available study materials on our website for this course:

C Programming:

Firmware Development:

Course Completion Requirements:

Complete following C programming online tests:

Complete following firmware development online tests:

Complete any 3 projects on firmware development: