Online course: Linux Software Development

Course Name: Linux Software Development
Course Code: CS000012
Course Description: Learn to develop software solutions for linux environment, implement requirements through real time projects and get required practical skills for software jobs
Course Duration: 90 days
Course Eligibility: For whom this course is useful?
A. Engineering students, post-graduates
B. Job seekers, Software professionals
C. Embedded Hobbyists, Freelancers, Developers
Course Price: $48
Availability: Active
Course Job Options:

Popular job options post completion of this course:

A. Linux software developer
B. Linux Software Engineer
C. Embedded C/Linux Developer
D. Embedded software developer
E. Software Engineer - Linux
F. Linux Kernel Software Engineer
G. Linux Applications Developer
Skills for your CV:

Key skills you will learn from this course:

C Programming Applications
A. Writing modular programs, Functions
B. Variables, Datatypes, Operators
C. Flow control, Loops
D. Arrays, Strings, Advanced Pointers
E. Structures, Unions, Enums
F. Linked lists, Data structures
G. Writing Makefiles, building projects
Linux Software Development
A. Linux file systems, Commands
B. Project source code development
C. Process, Thread, IPC mechanisms
D. Build development, debugging
E. User space vs kernel space programs
F. GIT version control usage
Course Completion Requirements:

Course completion requirements are detailed below.

How to get started with this course?
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  • Links to all online tests, projects for this course will be available on course status page.
  • Complete the following course online tests:

    Complete any 3 projects from the following list of projects: