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Code: BFPIC005
Name: PIC development board
Category: board
Price: $20
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BFPIC005 PIC development board is an experimental board to demonstrate all the features and capabilities of PIC16F877A 8-bit PIC microcontroller. It has all the required electronic components and peripherals connected to the microcontrollers to experiment projects and features.
A. Flashing PIC16F877A microcontroller.
B. UART Interfacing.
C. Push button switches Interfacing.
D. LED Interfacing.
E. EEPROM Interfacing using I2C Protocol.
F. DAC Interfacing using SPI Protocol.
G. Seven segment display(SSD) Interfacing.
H. Temperture sensor(LM35) Interfacing.
G. Timers, Interrupts Implementation.
H. Pulse width modulation(PWM) Implementation.