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Code: BLRSP005
Name: Raspberry PI Linux software
Category: board
Price: $40
Availability: Out of Stock
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BLRSP005 Raspberry PI Linux software board is an experimental board to perform a wide range of Linux software development projects. The board comes with the operating system installed on it and binaries from Mbed Technologies so that the required projects can be executed on it right away. It has all the required hardware and software to perform following projects and features.
A. Creating a project builds using Linux Makefiles.
B. Installing and compiling projects in C, C++, Python.
C. Shell Scripting.
D. Controlling LED brightness using PWM.
E. EEPROM Interfacing using I2C Protocol.
F. Socket programming using C, C++, Python.
G. UART communication using C, Python.
H. Linux Command Line Interface.
I. Linux Inter Process Communication(IPC) mechanisms.
J. Multi-threading.