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Code: EC000003
Name: C Arrays, Practical applications
Category: eBOOK
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Description: Tutorial
EC000003 eBOOK starts with a tutorial on C Programming Arrays. Click on downloads link in the product downloads section to get a sample copy of this eBOOK. Following topics are explained in the tutorial with practical examples and illustrations.
A. What is an array.
B. Array declaration, initialization.
C. Accessing arrary elements, addresses.
D. Passing an array to a function.
E. 2-Dimensional arrays.
Multiple choice questions, answers
Multiple choice questions along with the answers are included to test the skills learned in the tutorial. Students, job seekers, software professionals practice these multiple choice type questions and clear software job interviews, written tests, competitive and academic examinations with ease.
Long type exercises, solutions
Long type questions are included along with the complete solutions. The exercises are very frequently asked in the software job interviews, written tests, competitive and academic examinations.