•                         New Employee Selection Testing

  •                       Programming skills
  •                      Selectable modules
  •                 Technical knowledge
  •                                   Affordable cost
  •          Numerical aptitude
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New employee selection testing

  • Selecting the right candidate from many is the success mantra for corporates.
  • Selection tests dig dip into the subject and helps in touching upon many aspects.
  • Saves paper cost, preparing mock test questions, answers, evaluation time.
  • Optimize your recruting speed and save time from your senior employees.
  • Hire the best talent and improve employee productivity and performance.

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Setup employee selection tests in 3 steps

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Account creation in website.

1 dimensional VS 2 Dimensional Arrays
Declarations, initializations
Accessing elements from arrays
Array of pointers to strings
Common programming errors

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Select your requirements.

What is version control system?
Git version control advantages
Git push, add, status, commit commands
GitHub, BitBucket, Sourcetree
Git vs Perforce vs SVN vs Bazaar

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Send info to candidates

I2C protocol configuration
START and STOP conditions.
I2C advantages, limitations
I2C sequence communication
Communication method

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Exciting features

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Select category of tests

Programming tests
Technical knowledge tests
Numerical aptitude tests
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Question level test control

Git push, add, status, commit
GitHub, BitBucket, Sourcetree
Git vs Perforce vs SVN vs Bazaar

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Flexible payment system

Payment based on opted modules
Payment on yearly/monthly contract
Payment as you set candidates test

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