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Publish an online course: guidelines

Publish an online course with us, get an opportunity to share your skills and experience on our website and make money at the same time from your published courses.

  • What is an online course?

    An online course is a course conducted over internet. Students can view the course content, enroll for the course and get certificates upon course completion.

  • How do I publish my course?

    A course consists of few lessons and quizzes. You can publish a course free of cost in this webpage. Click on "CREATE NEW COURSE" button to create a new course. Click on "VISIT SAMPLE COURSE" button to see a sample published course. You prepare and submit the contents for course lessons, quizzes to generate students interest to buy your course. Submit your profile details including payment account details as well at the time of course submit or later. You will be paid on your payment account when students buy any of your published courses.

  • What is a lesson and how do I prepare it?

    A course is composed of few lessons. You will be covering few topics under each lesson. A lesson is a video material submitted to teach and demonstrate on the lesson topics to the students. Each lesson has one or more quizzes in it.

  • What is a quiz and how do I prepare it?

    A course is composed of one or more lessons and there are one or more quizzes under each lesson. Each quiz has few multiple choice questions, with four answer options for each question. Only one of the given answer options is correct.

  • Can I have image in a quiz question?

    Yes, you can add an image corresponding to each question and then ask a question from that image.

  • Can I have video explanation for a quiz question?

    Yes, you can add a video to explain about a particular quiz question and its solution in the video content. You prepare such video and load it to youtube. Add the youtube embed link of the video on our website.