Push button switch interfacing with pic microcontroller

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In this project we will interface a push button switch with PIC16F877A 8-bit microcontroller. If you are new to PIC microcontroller programming we suggest you to execute the basic led blinking project before trying this project.

The setup requirement for this project is as given below:

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Required hardware and software

The required hardware and software for this project is as below:

  • A breadboard
  • A push button switch
  • Hookup cables
  • Development board hosting PIC16F877A 8-bit microcontroller
  • MPLAB IDE from Microchip
  • PICKIT3 Programmer, connecting cable from PICKIT3 to your computer.
  • Power supply for the development board

  • Switch connections

    An electrical switch is any device used to interrupt the flow of electrons in a circuit. Switches are essentially binary devices: they are either completely on (“closed”) or completely off (“open”).

    PORT B, PIN 5 is connected to one side of the push button switch. An external resistor is connected to VDD(+5V) on one end and to PORT B, PIN 5 on the other end. The +ve end of the led is connected to the PORTA, PA0 pin and -ve end of the led is connected to the ground through a 1K resistor.

    Prepare source code, Compiling source code, creating binary

    Prepare source code

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