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SUNDAY, 22-NOV-2020

Dear Reader,

A new python programming online test has been added on "Python Lists" to test and improve your programming skills.

The test is FREE of cost. Multiple choice questions along with the answers are included in the test. Students, job seekers, software professionals practice these multiple choice type questions and clear software job interviews, written tests, competitive and academic examinations with ease.

Click here to start your online test.

Click here to buy an eBOOK on python lists.

Python lists eBOOK starts with a tutorial on Python Lists. Following topics are explained in the tutorial with practical examples and illustrations.
A. Python lists declarations.
B. Accessing, indexing list items.
C. Slicing a list.
D. Mutability in list.
E. Traversing a list.
F. Repeat, concatenate list.
G. Deleting items from list.
H. Split and join on list.
I. Append, extend and sort methods.

Click here to download sample copy of eBOOK on python lists.

Click here to read an article on Python lists.

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