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For candidates looking to join this training from United States or Other countries than INDIA, please email us to confirm our availability as per your timezone.

    Testing is the process of validating computer programs, product features and functionalities to ensure it meets the specified requirements and generates the wanted results, while identifying bugs in the embedded product. Testing is deemed as indispensable in the Product Development Lifecycle (PDLC).

    Testers with manual testing skills alone won't cut it in today's job market. Yes, exploratory testing is important, and testers have certain skills that many developers do not, but the fact remains is that automation testing continues to rise. Demand for test automation has continued to grow, and now we frequently hear that some teams are completely eliminating manual testers and hiring only test professionals with test automation skills.

  Candidates can join this internship online and join from anywhere or onsite at our Bangalore office.
  8th Semester Engineering students persuing a 4years Bachelor Degree course or Passed out engineering students are eligible for this course.
  Only Computer Science or Electronics & Communication or Electrical or Electrical & Electronics or Electronics & Instrumentation or Applied Electronics or Mechatronics or Information Technology or MCA degree students are eligible for this course.

Students completing this course will be eligible to apply for following positions on different companies across the globe.

 Python Developer
 Firmware Verification Engineer
 Software Quality Assurance Engineer
 Python Engineer
 Test Automation Engineer
 Test Engineer Embedded
 Test Engineer
 Automation Engineer
 Embedded Test Engineer
 Embedded Engineer with Python Scripting
 Verification Engineer
 Test Development Engineer

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 Class Room: Online, Lab and classroom projectors
 Course Duration: 2 Months
 Course Days: MON-FRI or Weekends

Note: The syllabus for Python Based Embedded Testing and Automation course is distributed as below.

  • Python Programming environment setup installation
  • Python Basics, Numbers, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries
  • Optional monthly assignment and evaluation
  • Embedded product development life cycle.
  • Learning embedded test environment, tools and protocols.
  • Different Types and phases of embedded testing.
  • Linux command line interface.
  • Bug reporting, resolving and re-verification process.
  • You will be guided to develop a test plan for a feature for one of our real live product, make a feature presentation and review the test plan for testing the feature thoroughly.
  • Understanding of embedded product test automation framework.
  • Python Class and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Illustration of test case automation using Python.
  • You will be guided to automate test cases for our real live embedded products using Python programming.

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